Rhiannon Herrmann

EVP, Operations

As EVP, Operations, Rhiannon is responsible for managing people operations, customer service, payments, project management, and real estate. Since joining Clarus in 2008, she has ensured that the company operates like a well-oiled machine as we continue to scale.

Prior to her role as EVP, Rhiannon played a key role in developing all the administrative areas of Clarus as VP of Operations which also included working closely with customer service, client services, IT and human resources to scale our platform, services, and team as we partnered with more retailers and grew.

She also completely managed the physical expansion of Clarus into larger and better office spaces in 2009, 2012, and to our current space in 2016.

When Rhiannon isn’t managing the day to day hustle and bustle of Clarus and traveling whenever she can, she loves nothing more than cooking at home and spending some quiet time with her husband and pups.


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