Premium Loyalty Data Study: Will Your Customers Pay for a Loyalty Program?

The first Premium Loyalty data study is here.

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87% of consumers who are satisfied with the special benefits offered by a retailer’s paid loyalty program will likely choose that retailer over a competitor that is offering a lower price.

Retailers are leveraging Premium Loyalty programs as a way to get their customers shopping with them over the competition by creating unique experiences for them.

Your customers are deciding where they shop not only based on price and selection. So, what are you doing to ensure your customers have a genuine connection with your brand?

Find out what consumers had to say about Premium Loyalty programs in this data study.

In this data study, you’ll learn:

• What type of consumers will join your Premium Loyalty program

• How often your members expect to receive value

• How to start leveraging Premium Loyalty as your differentiator


If you want to become a 24/7 presence in your best customers' lives, it's time to get started.