How to Overcome 2020 Retail Challenges [Webinar]

Get solutions to the 5 biggest challenges retailers are facing in 2020.

The new challenges retailers are facing will get harder to overcome with the expected economic downturn. Executives are looking for solutions and strategies that work.

In this webinar recording, we take you through these challenges and viable solutions with examples from retailers like you. Ultimately the strategy is up to you, but this webinar will help you sort through the different ways you can get ahead of the ever-changing consumer and build a loyal customer base. Download and watch today!

In this recent webinar, you’ll take away actionable solutions that’ll help you overcome these challenges:

• Maximizing profitability of existing customers

• The increase in DTC competition

• Exceeding your customers’ expectations for instant gratification

• Collecting valuable, actionable customer data


About the host:

Brian Carl

Brian is the Senior Director of Marketing at Clarus Commerce. He’s a premium loyalty expert who’s been at the center of developing marketing for numerous premium loyalty programs. As a data driven leader, he’s seen the ROI retailers have gained by offering premium loyalty programs and he understands how valuable they are for not only retailers, but for the modern consumer.


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