Creating Loyalty Moments featuring Forrester [Webinar]

Creating Loyalty Moments: What’s Changed in Loyalty and How to Keep Up

Guest speaker Emily Collins, Principal Analyst at Forrester, joined us to talk about the state of loyalty and how loyalty programs need to evolve with a focus on creating loyalty moments.

Many retailers are turning to loyalty programs to help them create loyal customers. And, traditional loyalty programs may not drive the results they’re hoping for. So, what will? Find out in this recent webinar featuring Forrester!

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

• The “Good and Bad” in loyalty right now

• How creating loyalty moments will impact your success

• Examples of Premium Loyalty Programs that are defining loyalty moments

About the hosts:

Emily Collins

Emily is a principal analyst at Forrester focused on customer loyalty, with an emphasis on trends, technologies, services, and analytics. She helps marketing clients navigate the evolving customer loyalty landscape and develop intelligence-driven loyalty strategies and programs. Her research examines consumer attitudes and the tools, skills, and processes required for B2C Marketing Professionals to successfully foster meaningful relationships with their best customers.

Brian Carl

Brian is the Senior Director of Marketing at Clarus Commerce. He’s a premium loyalty expert who’s been at the center of developing marketing for numerous premium loyalty programs. As a data driven leader, he’s seen the ROI retailers have gained by offering premium loyalty programs and he understands how valuable they are for not only retailers, but for the modern consumer.


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