Bob's Stores Launches a Premium Loyalty Program in 90 Days [Case Study]

Bob’s Stores, owned by SportsDirect, is a leading apparel, footwear, and sporting goods retailer with stores throughout the Northeast. Bob’s Stores carries top brands like Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Carhartt, Timberland, Sperry, Dockers, Reebok, Levi’s, and many more.



The Bob’s team was looking to increase current customers’ shopping frequency and average order value, much like Prime has delivered for Amazon. They knew that a well-designed, valuable premium loyalty program would help them achieve those goals, so they became focused on adding a premium tier to their existing free program.

This program build needed to include customizing a financial model, processing member billing, and maintaining a seamless brand experience online and in-store. An important piece would be integrating with their CRM and building upon (but not impacting) existing member data. In anticipation for the coming holiday shopping season, they wanted to be offering customers higher value benefits with a premium tier within 90 days.

Clarus powers omnichannel Premium Loyalty experience that delivers unique rewards for Bob’s most loyal customers.


Bob’s wanted to add a premium tier that would not only deliver high value benefits to its customers, but also a financial structure that would help meet their goals. Bob’s leadership team worked directly with the Clarus finance team to craft a custom benefit model, membership fee structure, and projected profitability that would help them achieve financial growth through adding a premium tier. With no upfront fees or hidden costs for Bob’s to deal with, they were able to focus on goals and long-term growth from their premium loyalty program.

Clarus crafted a custom omnichannel loyalty program with seamless brand integration through product construct and acquisition experiences.

Clarus’ product and marketing teams worked with the Bob’s team to develop a program that was the right fit for its brand. This included a fully operational, user friendly Clarus-powered website to an in-store acquisition strategy including the sales associate pitch, training, and POS integration. It was important to Bob’s that a premium tier serve as an extension of its existing free points-based program. That meant that they needed a partner that could seamlessly integrate with their CRM platform as well as deliver member payouts in Bob’s rewards points.

The Clarus platform supports all forms of payout. So, paying customers in Bob’s rewards points was a simple integration.

Clarus’ IT team worked with the Bob’s team to ensure all customer data would be captured and kept within their system. The focus was working seamlessly with existing data to allow free members to upgrade to the premium tier without impacting existing earned rewards. On top of that, Bob’s preferred that Clarus handle billing members based on our background and experience managing billing as part of our customizable platform.

In just 90 days, Clarus created a high value omnichannel program for Bob’s Stores and launched a fully operational program that could be offered to members online and in-store. The program included: Financial planning, product construct, creative design, technical integrations build, acquisition and engagement strategies, and associate training.

The ongoing program management will include daily communication with the customer success team, Clarus-powered customer service support, regular product enhancements, communication plans, and continuous acquisition optimization.

In just 90 days, the best of bob’s PREMIUM loyalty tier evolved from an initial concept into a live program.

Bob’s was able to add a premium tier to its existing free program in time for the holiday shopping season. And it’s offering all shoppers the opportunity to join the premium tier and receive higher value benefits. The goal of the best of bob’s PREMIUM tier is to encourage members to return to shop more frequently while making higher average order purchases than the standard benefits of the free program have historically achieved.


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