2019 Premium Loyalty Data Study featuring The Wise Marketer [Webinar]

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Guest speaker Bill Hanifin, CEO at The Wise Marketer, joined us to talk about the impact of Premium Loyalty and how retailers are changing the way they think about their loyalty programs.

The 2019 Premium Loyalty Data Study is the first data focused on what consumers think about Premium Loyalty. Brands have a lot of questions when considering offering a Premium Loyalty program and consumers answered those questions in this data study. If you’re planning what’s next for your loyalty strategy, be sure to check out the webinar for a review of the data study points and takeaways you can put into action.

About the hosts:

Bill Hanifin

Bill is CEO of Wise Marketer Group LLC, the publisher of TheWiseMarketer.com and operator of the Loyalty Academy. Bill is also CEO of Hanifin Loyalty LLC, a strategic marketing agency focused on designing, managing, and evaluating customer loyalty and data-driven marketing programs. Bill has been active in the customer loyalty industry for over 20 years and has worked with notable brands throughout North America and Latin American markets as well as in the EU and Asia Pacific regions.

Brian Carl

Brian is the Senior Director of Marketing at Clarus Commerce. He’s a premium loyalty expert who’s been at the center of developing marketing for numerous premium loyalty programs. As a data driven leader, he’s seen the ROI retailers have gained by offering premium loyalty programs and he understands how valuable they are for not only retailers, but for the modern consumer.


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