Data Study

2019 Premium Loyalty Data Study: Will Your Customers Pay for a Loyalty Program?

Retailers are leveraging Premium Loyalty programs as a way to get their customers shopping with them over the competition by creating unique experiences for them.

Find out what consumers had to say about Premium Loyalty programs in the only data study focused on Premium Loyalty.


How to Build a Loyalty Program for the Modern Consumer [eBook]

Gone are the days of basic, cookie-cutter programs. They’re not effective at creating loyalty among modern consumers. It takes more than the same thing every other competitor is offering for your program (and brand) to stand apart.

Download this free eBook and learn real tactics for creating a successful loyalty program.


2019 Premium Loyalty Data Study [Webinar]

Bill Hanifin, CEO at The Wise Marketer, joined us for an overview of some of the most important elements of a Premium Loyalty program from the consumer’s point of view.


Creating Loyalty Moments [Webinar]

Creating loyalty moments is about delivering value to your customers more than just when they interact with your brand. Emily Collins, Principal Analyst at Forrester, joined us to talk about what’s changed in loyalty and we ran through how retailers can keep up and differentiate their loyalty programs.

Premium Loyalty 101 [Webinar]

Premium Loyalty 101 Webinar

Most retailers have free loyalty programs, but a lot more of them are getting on board with premium loyalty. If you want to learn more about these paid programs, how they build actual loyalty, and which retailers are already offering them, check out our recent webinar on premium loyalty 101.

Case Studies

Bob’s Stores Launches Premium Loyalty Program in 90 Days [Case Study]


Bob’s Stores, a leading sports apparel retailer in the Northeast, launched a Premium Loyalty program to compliment their existing free program in just 90 days. From custom POS integrations to a fully operational omnichannel experience, this new tier of benefits added new and unique benefits to Bob’s customers in time for the holiday shopping season.


Premium Loyalty Drives $187 Million to Retail eCommerce Brands [Case Study]


One of the largest of it’s kind with a portfolio of 13 dynamic retail eCommerce brands, this dynamic online retail company was looking to revamp their customer loyalty programs for 13 separate brands. They wanted to improve customer acquisition and retention by offering a valuable program that would incentivize customers to shop more frequently while increasing average order value.


Increasing Customer Engagement and Revenue With a Premium Loyalty Tier [Case Study]

A leading sports apparel retailer chose to add a premium tier to their existing free program as a way to improve customer engagement. They wanted to offer their members even more benefits that would improve customer loyalty, purchase frequency, and annual spend.


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