Chance-to-Win. Offers & Rebates. Brand Advocacy. Gamification.

Drive Acquisition, Engagement & Sales

Our portfolio of promotions solutions help you achieve your marketing objectives, collect zero-party data and stand out from the crowd. Whether you need to mobilize quickly into market or are looking for a more customized, comprehensive approach, we can help you create a meaningful interaction with consumers through an engaging and innovative data value exchange. Together with our secure promotions platform reporting and end-to-end program services team, these solutions are strategically designed and seamlessly executed to influence consumer behavior and provide measurable insight.

Stimulate more frequent customer engagement and capture valuable insights.

One of the most effective ways to collect opt-ins and zero-party data is through a chance-to-win. These types of promotions are aspirational in nature and motivate participation through the odds of winning exciting prizes – the more your audience participates, the more chances they have to win. Because of their versatility, these promotion solutions help to achieve a wide range of marketing objectives.

  • • Brand Awareness & Engagement
  • • Data Acquisition
  • • Customer Acquisition
  • • Email Subscribers
  • • Social Media Followers
  • • Customer Loyalty
  • • SMS / Text Message Contacts
  • • Mobile App Downloads
  • • App/Cross-Channel Trial, Adoption & Usage
  • • Sales, Demand & Traffic Generation (when tied to purchase)
  • • Media Spend Optimization (Increase response rates by tying to an actionable CTA)


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Drive sales and compete on price without diminishing brand value.

These flexible solutions are customizable to achieve a variety of marketing objectives such as increase purchase size, increase purchase frequency, motivate bundled purchases, and activate retail programs and partnerships. Combined with our latest technology, secure data management and vertically integrated services, we can help execute seamless digital and offline programs for our clients and their end customers to gain powerful shopper insights.

  • • Drive Sales in Price-competitive Categories
  • • Motivate Product or Service Trial
  • • Cross-Sell Portfolio Products
  • • Upsell to Larger Size and Premium Priced Products
  • • Pre-Order Products
  • • Increase Purchase Frequency
  • • Increase Purchase Size
  • • Create Retailer Specific Programs
  • • Motivate Bundled Purchases
  • • Promote Key Selling Seasons
  • • Activate Partnerships


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Turn your customers into brand advocates by motivating original content.

Motivate consumers to become brand enthusiasts through creating and sharing their own original content. Identify brand advocates and strategically engage social media conversations on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook by targeting hashtags or post comments. These promotion solutions can provide measurable insight and meet these marketing objectives:

  • • Brand Awareness & Engagement
  • • Data Acquisition
  • • Social Activation & Engagement
  • • Content Creation & Sharing
  • • Social Buzz & Virality
  • • Customer Advocacy
  • • Brand Ambassador Identification
  • • Reviews & Testimonials


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Motivate purchase by turning product features into a gamified experience.

Engage consumers and drive purchase in a fun way by turning product features and benefits into an interactive experience. Educate customers about your products, guide them to purchase based on their preferences or create a unique, buzzworthy engagement with these flexible solutions. Either stand-alone or incorporated into a sweepstakes or Instant win, creating a gamified interaction with your customers can help achieve a variety of marketing objective and obtain robust zero-part data about consumers habits and preferences.

  • • Product Education
  • • Brand Engagement
  • • Social Activation & Engagement
  • • Customer Insights
  • • CRM and Loyalty Onboarding
  • • Data Acquisition
  • • Customer Acquisition
  • • Content Creation & Sharing
  • • Product Education
  • • Social Buzz & Virality
  • • Product Trial
  • • Sales, Demand, & Traffic Generation
  • • Media Amplification & Impressions


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