What Does a Premium
Loyalty Program Cost?

It Doesn't Cost You Anything to Build

At Clarus, our pricing model is based on a simple philosophy: We should only succeed if our clients do. That's why we don't charge up-front fees for program strategy, buildout and deployment. We also don't have any hidden add-on costs for services. Our clients get everything we have to offer for the same out of pocket price: Nothing.

Wait, Seriously? Nothing Up Front?

That's right. It might sound too good to be true, but we've introduced a unique revenue share model to the industry. We make our money from a percentage of the membership fees paid by program members. The better our clients do, the better we do. Simple, right?

Well, What Happens After Launch?

Your program continues to gain momentum. We test, analyze and optimize the program under the same revenue share model. And we keep doing it. There aren’t any pricing levels, packages, or hidden extras. We don’t charge fees for additional services. Our clients get everything we have to offer, right from the start. We like to think of ourselves as a true partner in loyalty.


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