What Does a Premium
Loyalty™ Program Cost?

We Only Profit If You Do

At Clarus, our pricing model is based on a simple philosophy: We should only succeed if our clients do. That’s why we typically don’t charge up-front fees for program strategy, buildout and deployment.

Wait, Seriously? Nothing Up Front?

That's right. We make our money from a small percentage of the subscription fees paid by rewards program members. If we do better, our clients do better. Simple, right?

Who Owns the Customer?

Our clients, that's who. We're completely invisible in the process. Clarus-built premium loyalty programs are deployed under the clients' brand to their customers. They never need to know we exist; you're the one providing the benefits they want.


If you want to become a 24/7 presence in your best customers' lives, it's time to get started.