Our Platform

Starts with Our People.

Loyalty is complex.

And premium loyalty™ is extremely complex. Going it alone with another SaaS solution is asking for trouble – and gambling with your best customers’ experience is a recipe for disaster. That’s why we’ve developed what we call PwaS – platform with a service.

When you partner with Clarus, you don’t just get our proprietary technology. You get nearly two decades of premium loyalty experience – the most in the business. You get proven methodology. You get time-tested best practices and strategic know-how. You get actionable analytics, financial modeling and best-in-class creative. In other words, you get an entire premium loyalty program … all without an out-of-pocket investment.

Fifty premium loyalty programs – and counting

More and more brands are adopting premium loyalty, with stunningly positive results. But success doesn't happen overnight; you need a trusted hand on the wheel to help avoid the many pitfalls along the way. Our people have been there, done that; nobody knows premium loyalty better, because nobody's done it more.

Premium branding & creative assets

With a Clarus premium loyalty program, the experience is all about your brand. Our in-house creative team will design and build landing pages, marketing materials and exclusive content that meets your brand standards and resonates with your best customers.

Turnkey IT Integrations

We've built our IT toolkit to integrate instantly with just about any existing infrastructure. Your host or ours. Your CMS or ours. Your analytics platform or ours. It's simple, secure and robust; that's the point. After all, your IT team has plenty of other projects to work on.

Financial Modeling, Testing & Analytics;
No Guesswork

Over nearly two decades, we've gained an exceptional understanding of what works in premium loyalty ... and what doesn't. We bring that experience to bear for you, helping you build a sustainable, profitable pricing model, test in new creative and offers and garner actionable data on your best customers.


If you want to become a 24/7 presence in your best customers' lives, it's time to get started.