Great Loyalty Programs

Are Built on Momentum

Momentum is Built on Many Moments

Our Momentum Platform™ was built to power premium loyalty programs. Loyalty Moments™ should happen every time your customers shop with you. And your loyalty program has to keep up with the changing needs of your unique customers. Momentum lets you launch your program quickly, and easily add to it over time, without sacrificing customization.

Launch Quickly

Retail is moving faster than ever. With the speed it's changing, you can't let legacy systems slow down your launch. Our typical partners can launch within 90 days, which is unheard of in our industry. This is especially important for pilot programs. We take the heavy lifting and risk out of pilots by letting you launch and then learn fast. Learning faster is the only way to grow faster.

Continual Optimization

If retail is moving fast, why are loyalty programs lagging? The Momentum Platform lets you add to your program over time. The more you learn about your best customers and how they engage with your brand, the more opportunities you're going to see. We want to empower you to do that. That’s a key to our platform.

Speed Without Sacrifice

Your brand is your promise to customers, and we take that seriously. Every aspect of the Momentum Platform is built for customization. This doesn't just need to look like your program. This needs to be your program. We've built our IT toolkit to integrate instantly with just about any existing infrastructure. Your host or ours. Your CMS or ours. Your analytics platform or ours. It's simple, secure and robust; that's the point. After all, your IT team has plenty of other projects to work on.

Built for Premium Loyalty

Over nearly two decades, we've gained an exceptional understanding of what works in premium loyalty ... and what doesn't. We bring that experience to bear for you. We help you build a sustainable, profitable pricing model. We test in new creative and offers. And we garner actionable data on your best customers. The Momentum Platform was built with all this in mind. Premium Loyalty programs need a unique set of features since there is a membership cost involved. Other companies have bolted these capabilities onto their legacy systems, but Momentum was built with this from the ground up. Premium loyalty is in our DNA.

Powering 50+ Programs

The most important aspect of any technology program is trust. Having nearly two decades of experience in premium loyalty, we currently power over 50 programs. With an NPS score of 70 and 99 percent uptime, we're a partner you can trust.

More Than a Platform

Clarus is more than just a technology platform. We’re a group of passionate loyalty experts that is motivated by the success of our clients. We include all of the services needed to build, manage, and optimize a successful program including Client Services, Strategy, Creative, Marketing, Analytics, IT and Operations. And all of these services are included at no additional cost. Unlike traditional SaaS companies, Clarus brings you a platform with a service. We ensure our clients' success by investing our own resources as a true partner.


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