Create a Deeper Level of Value Exchange and

Customer Insights with Loyalty

Our loyalty solutions offer a range of capabilities and structures configured to meet the specific needs of your brand. Our industry leading platform can manage and distribute both monetary rewards and experiential rewards, and can be combined with our promotions engine to create unique engagement with your customers.

These solutions combined with our loyalty platform reporting and end-to-end program services team, can help define successful strategy and optimize program execution to create more a meaningful value exchange with your customers – the more they purchase and take advantage of the rewards offered, the more you learn about their purchase behaviors and preferences.


These programs combine the best aspects of subscriptions and loyalty programs to offer your customers benefits that aren’t possible with traditional loyalty programs. In exchange for a fee, your customers can opt into your highest level of benefits, instantly. In addition, these programs can also create a specific program that targets a subset of your larger customer base with high value benefits that may not make apply to your entire audience.


Consumers complete purchase and engagement actions to earn variable currency redeemable in a catalog of physical, digital and/or chance to win rewards. You may also create loyalty tiers to motivate on-going engagement by achievement of benefits that incrementally increase in value based on spending thresholds. This solution is best for brands who want more flexibility to include a large portfolio of qualifying products and price points as well as offer a variety of reward redemption values.


Reward customers for being a loyal customer. This solution is not based on accrual of currency for product purchases but as a channel for brands to increase customer retention and desire more month-to-month reward flexibility vs. adhering to a published points economy and defined rewards.

It's the age of the customer.


Consumers purchase a specified number of items or reach a spend threshold to claim a guaranteed reward. This solution is best for brands who want a simple way to drive purchases over time and/or would like to incentivize non-purchase behaviors as part of their program.


Engage customers in a variety of brand interactions to earn incremental currency, rewards or chances to win. This solutions works well for brands who not only want to incentivize purchase but also want to offer a wider range in their earning economy for purchase and non-purchase activities to incentivize on-going engagement.

End-to-End Loyalty Solutions
Tailored to Your Needs

We offer a full range of industry-leading services but also know that loyalty is not one-size-fits-all. We will work with you to define the specific needs of your brand. Whether seeking an exclusive loyalty program partner or you require integration with other brand partners and agencies, we can structure a program to meet your specific objectives.

Strategy & Analytics

  • •  Program Design
  • •  Program Scorecards
  • •  Customer Segmentation
  • •  Consumer Insights
  • •  Loyalty Strategy
  • •  Post-Engagement Analysis
  • •  Personalization Strategy
  • •  Business Reviews
  • •  KPI Development
  • •  Program Optimization
  • •  Annual Planning

Purchase Validation

  • •  Unique Codes
  • •  Physical Receipt Validation
  • •  eCommerce Receipt Validation
  • •  Retailer/Shopper Card Integration
  • •  Catalina Code Validation

Reward Procurement & Fulfillment

  • •  Strategy
  • •  Sourcing
  • •  Storage and Shipping

Customer Service

  • •  Customer Inquiries
  • •  Multi-language Support
  • •  Phone, Email and Chat Support
  • •  3rd Party Integration
  • •  Consumer Status Portal
  • •  CCPA and GDPR Compliant

Creative Services

  • •  Program Concepts
  • •  Interactive Wireframes
  • •  Branding & Logo Lockup Creation
  • •  Graphic Design & Copywriting
  • •  Brand/Campaign Style Guide Integration
  • •  Gamified Giveaway Design
  • •  Promotional Video Production
  • •  Program-specific UX Design
  • •  Program-specific Style Guide Creation
  • •  Custom Advergame Design
  • •  Custom 3D Animations

Award Winning Platform

  • •  Forrester Wave: Loyalty Solutions
  • •  Effie Awards
  • •  Chief Marketer 200
  • •  Reggie Awards
  • •  Loyalty360

Trusted Database Management & Information Security

  • •  BBB Accredited A+ rating
  • •  ISO27001 Certification
  • •  Security Scorecard A Rating
  • •  CCPA Compliance
  • •  SOC1 Type1
  • •  Cloudflare Bot Protection

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