Promotion Solution:



Trivia engagements can range from simple text-based interaction to image or video challenges to location-specific and real-time delivery of questions and used to help consumers gain knowledge about products or quiz them about relevant pop-culture references. This flexible solution is often integrated with a sweepstakes or instant win to motivate participation and can be structured to not only educate but to capture valuable feedback on your products.


Profilers help brands create a more personalized engagement while learning more about their customers. By answering a few questions, participants can be guided to specific products, receive shareable results or can be rewarded with prizes, offers or content that is customized based on their input.


Advergames are uniquely interactive engagements that can turn product features and benefits into relevant advantages during gameplay. From turnkey to custom-designed, this solution can be “just for fun” or can give your customers a reward or chance to win. You can also structure this to become even more engaging by incorporating multi-level gaming, leaderboards and score sharing.

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