Working With Dignity Grows to Empower Our Neighbors in Need

Did you know that more than 20% of girls and women in the U.S. lack the financial resources to purchase basic feminine hygiene necessities? Can you imagine having to choose between buying these products or food? 

This is the reality for many of our neighbors every month. And of course, they choose to feed their families.  

But lacking these necessities leads to a feeling of helplessness and embarrassment – and consequences. Girls stay home from school and women miss work, further compounding the cycle of poverty. 

That’s why our ERG Community Engagement Committee partnered with Dignity Grows for our first in-person ERG event since the Clarus office recently reopened. 

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Dignity Grows is a non-profit organization that exists to support the health, hygiene, and self-esteem of young people in our community. 

Founded by Jessica P. Zachs, Dignity Grows started as a one-night initiative aimed at providing hygiene supplies to girls and women in need. The project quickly grew through word of mouth.  

Since 2020, they have distributed more than 20,000 Dignity Totes, filled with products for those in need. 

Products including sanitary pads, shampoo, soap, and more are packed into reusable Dignity Totes and distributed. Each tote contains a months’ worth of supplies. Dignity Grows has added Dignity Totes for males, including shaving cream and disposable razors. 

Working With Dignity Grows to Empower Our Neighbors in Need


The Clarus team raised almost $3,000 which enabled us to pack nearly 300 totes with hygiene products over the course of two days. And the in-person camaraderie of being together as a team while giving back to our community was incredibly rewarding.  

In addition to the everyday work we do for our brand clients at Clarus, we also make it our mission to help the community around us. 

It was really special to see where our donated dollars actually go and to assemble tangible totes for people in need. Learning about the work of Dignity Grows was really eye opening and we’re thankful the education around period poverty – especially to learn that it’s a need in our community. 

If you’re interested on donating to Dignity Grows, click here. 

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