What Questions Should you be Asking About Premium Loyalty?

As a retailer, you’re thinking about customer engagement.

In a time when consumers have unlimited choice amid increased competition, building stronger relationships with customers is more important than it has ever been.

That’s why loyalty programs are on the minds of every retailer.

You most likely have a loyalty program (or are at least planning to implement one soon).

After all, whether they’re shopping in your stores or online, most consumers expect to be offered membership to some type of loyalty program to be rewarded for shopping with you.

Many retailers do offer free, traditional programs, but now many are talking about premium loyalty programs. And while more and more big brands like Restoration Hardware, Lululemon and CVS Health are seeing success with premium loyalty, marketers still have a lot of questions around it.

Will my customers pay to sign up for a loyalty program?

What types of benefits are they looking for if they do?

Can a premium loyalty program work seamlessly with my free program?

Luckily, you can find the answers in this free eBook.

It will help you decide if premium loyalty is right for your brand and customers, how the financial model works, what type of benefits your members will value most, and more.

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