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  1. How Restoration Hardware Is Tearing Down The Walls Of The Old Loyalty Space

    Retailers have started to realize that traditional discounting and loyalty programs of the past are no longer effective. According to a survey from Accenture, a frightening 78% of U.S. consumers are retracting from loyalty programs. But the success of premium loyalty programs like Amazon Prime, GameStop PowerUp Rewards and others has many retailers rethinking loyalty….

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  2. Why Travel And Hospitality Brands Need To Fly Away From Traditional Loyalty Programs

    Guest booking behavior has been changing dramatically, yet loyalty programs in the travel and hospitality industry have remained the same. The internet, and more specifically search engines, have evolved over the years and travelers now have more information available to them than ever before. However, most brands in the hotel and travel industry are still…

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  3. How Does Pumpkin Spice Affect Customer Loyalty?

    You’re probably sick of hearing about it, yet it’s only just started. Pumpkin flavored muffins, pumpkin pie, and the overly talked about pumpkin spice latte are here. You dread all the hype surrounding pumpkin spice, but you eventually find yourself in line giving in. Why? Because pumpkin spice treats are delicious. Plus, Starbucks, with its…


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