Premium Loyalty, Industry Trends, and More – featuring Mark Johnson and Carlos Dunlap-Beard [Video]

Ever wonder how premium loyalty differs from traditional loyalty?

Looking for some new ways to enhance your proposition?

Is your current loyalty program financial model working for you?

Carlos Dunlap-Beard, our VP of Loyalty Solutions, recently spoke with Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson about those topics and more.

This video is part of the Loyalty360 Thought Leadership series. It’s designed to talk to leaders in customer, channel, and brand loyalty about the technology that impacts a brand’s ability to drive unique experiences and engagement.

In the video you’ll learn more about:

  • Premium loyalty and how it differs from traditional programs
  • The challenge of loyalty and consumer engagement today
  • A unique perspective on loyalty program pricing that takes away the huge upfront cost of launching and managing a program
  • How to enhance the value proposition for consumers
  • How premium loyalty programs can become so valuable they emerge as a part of members’ daily lives

Check out the full interview video below.

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