Premium Loyalty 101 [Webinar]

We’ve written about premium loyalty in great detail in this blog post, and we recently hosted a webinar on the topic.

If you want to learn about the basics of premium loyalty, this webinar is for you. And if you want to learn about what it takes to create a successful premium loyalty program, this webinar has you covered.

We also discuss why premium loyalty is gaining momentum in the retail industry. Recent changes have made loyalty more important than ever before.

We also review some of the recently launched premium loyalty programs and their results.

While you listen to this webinar, we’ll use examples from several companies who have created successful loyalty offerings to illustrate the principles needed to create a successful loyalty program.

Loyalty programs need to differentiate you from your competition. A great example here is Amazon’s highly successful Prime program. Prime is one of the best loyalty programs of all time and, while no one will try to duplicate it, there is a lot you can learn from it.

Oh, and we don’t require you to sign up or give us your email address to access this. So, check out the webinar and if you gain value from it, please share!

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