Holiday 2020: Are You Already Behind? [Video]

The 2019 holiday season is in the rearview mirror, but I have two questions for you:

Where did you do your holiday shopping? And why did you choose those stores?

For me, all my holiday shopping was reduced to two distinct buckets: Who offered the lowest price and who were the brands I was already loyal to?


Build Your Customer Loyalty Throughout the Year

The holidays are stressful for you as a retailer, but they’re also stressful for your customers.

In large part, your customers are just reacting during the holiday season.

By the time the holidays hit, it’s too late to create loyalty and then you’re just competing on price.

It’s not that you can’t build loyalty during the holiday season, but you lost some of your best opportunities earlier in the year.


Start Thinking About Loyalty Now

It might be Jan. 24, but the 2020 holiday shopping season has already started.

Loyalty is something that needs to be thought about all year.

And you should be thinking about loyalty now for 2020 holiday season.

You’re already behind.

Start thinking about loyalty now.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your loyalty program giving you the results you are expecting from it?
  • When is the last time you changed/updated your program?
  • Is your program really rewarding your best customers?

Pilot something new.


It’s Important to Start Early – Just Like the Biggest Brands Do

Target relaunched its loyalty program, Target Circle, before the holiday season this year to much acclaim.

This program had been in development for more than a year and had been piloted for months before being rolled out nationally.

New loyalty programs take time and nurturing.

Clarus Commerce helps our customers get fully customized loyalty programs live in as little as 90 days.

Even moving this quickly, getting learnings and adoption, now is the time to start planning your loyalty efforts for Holiday 2020.

Learn more in the quick video below:

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