Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Premium Tier to Your Existing Loyalty Program [Webinar]

Premium loyalty programs are on the rise. 

That’s because they provide your best customers with the best of your brand 24/7. In these programs, customers opt-in to pay a membership fee in exchange for valuable benefits they can use as soon as they sign up. 

In fact, 70% of consumers not in a premium loyalty program would join if their favorite retailer offered one and the benefits were valuable. That’s likely why 90% of retailers with free loyalty programs are discussing launching a premium loyalty program this year. 

But free points programs can still be an important part of your overall loyalty strategy. And chances are you already have a loyalty program in place. 

So, should you consider launching a premium loyalty program as well? Do you make it a tier? Or is it something completely different? 

On June 29th at 2 PM ET, Clarus Senior Marketing Director, Brian Carl, and VP of Loyalty Solutions, Carlos Dunlap-Beard will take you on a deep dive into this subject in this new 60-minute webinar, titled, “Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Premium Tier to Your Existing Loyalty Program”. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How you and your customers can benefit from adding a premium loyalty program to your existing loyalty program
  • How these different types of loyalty programs can work together to target different groups across your customer base
  • How to structure the benefits so your existing program and premium loyalty program complement each other to create a better customer experience
  • About the different benefits structures of traditional and premium loyalty programs and how to tie them together
  • About major brands that are successfully doing this today
  • How to decide on a price point that makes your customers line up to join with real examples

Click here to reserve your spot and join us on Tuesday, June 29th at 2PM EST. 

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