Customer Loyalty

  1. August 15, 2019

    Why Your Loyalty Program Needs to be Unique for Your Customers

    Differentiation is the name of the game in today’s retail loyalty world. If your loyalty program is a run-of-the-mill offering that fails to engage, entice, or personalize, then it might be time to consider a change. To truly differentiate your loyalty program, you have to listen to your customers, identify their pain points and learn…

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  2. August 1, 2019

    Why Your Loyalty Program Needs to be a Differentiator

    Did you know that 70% of consumers agree that their loyalty is more difficult for a retailer to maintain than ever before? Traditional programs that simply offer discounts and benefits based on frequency and depth of purchase are no longer seen by consumers as unique drivers of loyalty. These programs don’t build a greater degree…

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  3. July 23, 2019

    How Customer Experience Can Define Your Product

    I think it’s always interesting to share personal anecdotes to illustrate key loyalty messages we believe in. That is my prelude to a specific example of experiential loyalty benefits I encountered in early May. Making an emotional connection through an experiential benefit can make all the difference in the world when it comes to gaining…

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