All Aboard! Enjoying Something New on the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat Cruise

All aboard!!

That was the common theme on Sept. 18 when the Clarus team took a break from the usual hustle and bustle at the office to enjoy a different area of Connecticut.

Our team took part in the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat Cruise.

Starting in 1971, this scenic excursion takes a historical journey through the lower Connecticut River Valley towns of Deep River and Chester.

Lunch on the Essex Steam Train

Lunch on the Train

Our team met at the Essex Railroad station at 11 a.m. where we were welcomed by the kind smiles of the staff as we boarded the nostalgic Clipper Dinner Train.

The team boarded restored 1920s Pullman dining cars and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Connecticut River Valley.

The next two hours allowed for great conversation and laughs among the 95 team members, as well as a few cocktails and a three-course lunch.

Employees selected either beef tips, baked chicken, or eggplant parmesan–plus salad and dessert. Not a bad lunch for a Wednesday afternoon!

Boarding the Becky Thatcher Riverboat

Moving from Land to Water

At the conclusion of the train ride, our group paused at the waterside for a team photo before boarding the triple-deck Becky Thatcher Riverboat.

On this one-hour cruise there was more laughter and chatter to be heard throughout as well as beautiful views of homes, yachts, and the Connecticut River.

The weather cooperated as it felt like a crisp, beautiful fall day filled with sunshine as the official summer season neared its end.

Some folks basked in the sun on the top deck of the boat, while others took in a little less breeze on the main deck. Still, others enjoyed the lower deck closest to the bar.

After the cruise, the last segment of our afternoon was one last train ride back to the station.

Riding on the Essex Steam Train

Clarus Team Members Enjoy the Experience

The daily pace at Clarus is fast and agile. Some of the feedback I heard from folks was they appreciated a day to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery.

Clarus team members enjoyed the train, the lunch, liked the menu, and the experience of eating on a train. They also enjoyed the chance to ride the 70-foot, Mississippi-style Becky Thatcher Riverboat, which holds 150 passengers.

Several team members noted the “relaxed atmosphere of the outing. With work life being so fast paced, it’s always nice to be forced to relax and enjoy the moment with great company.”

Enjoying the view of the Connecticut River

An Enjoyable, Relaxing Day

Clarus always done a fantastic job at offering team members unique experiences such as going to a Yard Goats game or battling it out in Team Trivia.

All in all, our Essex Steam Train and Riverboat Cruise allowed everyone to take a step (or two!) back from the daily work regime.

This also allowed everyone to relax and enjoy a beautiful day aboard a train and boat in the small historic town of Essex.

If this trip is something you can see yourself enjoying, check out our job descriptions here.

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