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  1. August 20, 2019

    How to Attract and Retain Premium Loyalty Program Members

    Seventy percent of consumers would enroll in a paid loyalty program if their favorite brand offered one. As we all know, though, getting customer loyalty right is hard and premium loyalty is harder. In fact, our study shows that nearly 70 percent of consumers say their loyalty is more difficult for a retailer to maintain…

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  2. August 15, 2019

    Why Your Loyalty Program Needs to be Unique for Your Customers

    Differentiation is the name of the game in today’s retail loyalty world. If your loyalty program is a run-of-the-mill offering that fails to engage, entice, or personalize, then it might be time to consider a change. To truly differentiate your loyalty program, you have to listen to your customers, identify their pain points and learn…

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  3. August 13, 2019

    Where Does Premium Loyalty Factor Into Your Overall Loyalty Strategy?

    As brands like Wayfair, Lululemon, and Bed Bath and Beyond adopt subscription-based premium loyalty solutions, many companies are considering where a premium loyalty program fits as a part of their existing loyalty strategy. More brands are rethinking their respective loyalty strategies today and some are opting for a premium loyalty program. And for those brands…

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