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  1. How Adding Promotions to Your Loyalty Program Can Increase Engagement

    According to our 2022 Customer Loyalty Data Study, less than one-third (32%) of loyal customers are members of loyalty programs. So, what can you do to incentivize more of your customers to join your loyalty program?  Seventy-one percent of consumers in 2021 belonged to traditional loyalty programs and most (68%) were members of one to…

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  2. New Customer Insights Show How Offering Incentives Can Increase Loyalty Program Engagement and Help You Collect Better Data

    Your brand is always looking for ways to increase loyalty program membership, customer engagement, and gather more quality data.  Incentives can help you achieve those goals.  Consider 81% of consumers say they’re more likely to engage with a brand if it offers an incentive.  To learn more about the impact of incentives on customer loyalty,…

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  3. How Promotion Overlays Increase Customer Engagement in Your Loyalty Program

    The challenge for any loyalty program is keeping your members engaged. The early excitement of enrolling and participating in new programs can sometimes wane as members repeat the same earning actions to try and earn the same rewards.  And promotion overlays increase customer engagement in your loyalty program.  We’ve worked with some of the most…

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