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  1. 2021 Loyalty Industry Data Study – Insights, Challenges & Plans from Today’s Retailers [Data Study]

    No one could have predicted that the marketing strategies presented in January 2020 would become obsolete in March as businesses executed a quick pivot to digital experiences due to COVID-19. Retailers had to quickly adapt to the accelerated trend of e-commerce that the pandemic brought on. Loyalty was no exception. As customers moved online, their…

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  2. What’s Next for the Loyalty Industry? Interview with Mark Johnson from Loyalty360 [Video]

    This interview is part of a series where we ask different thought leaders in the loyalty and retail space to get their perspectives on where we are, where things are headed, and what you should be thinking about next. The purpose is to provide you with many different perspectives that can help you and your…

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  3. New McKinsey Survey Shows the Value of Premium Loyalty Programs in 2021

    Consumer expectations have changed dramatically since the pandemic started, which has challenged customer loyalty. According to the new McKinsey Paid Loyalty 2020 Survey, there’s another enticing option for brands that want to attract new customers and strengthen customer relationships amid an array of choices: Premium, or paid, loyalty programs. In premium loyalty programs, members pay…

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