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  1. November 19, 2019

    7 Steps to Implementing a Premium Loyalty Program Without Exhausting Your Budget and Resources

    If you want to implement a winning premium loyalty program, you’ve come to the right place. I will share with you seven steps to trigger a successful premium loyalty program ­ without exhausting your budget or resources. This is a proven approach that eliminates financial risk and delivers an impressive value proposition to program members….

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  2. November 14, 2019

    Why Black Friday is Key to Your Year-long Loyalty Efforts

    When you think of Black Friday, you might think of your customers getting bombarded with different promotions and bouncing from store to store looking for crazy deals. That doesn’t paint a picture of loyalty, but Black Friday is actually a very important time for loyalty. Amazon uses Prime as a key acquisition tool on Prime…

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  3. November 12, 2019

    Why U.S. Grocers Need to Look at Tesco’s New Premium Loyalty Program

    As the grocery industry stands as a huge opportunity for premium loyalty, British grocery giant Tesco has moved swiftly in that direction. Next week Tesco will become the first major British supermarket group to offer a premium loyalty program. Tesco officials hope that the program will help stem the market share gains of German-owned discounters….

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