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  1. The Top 3 Misconceptions About Building Customer Loyalty

    When researching customer loyalty, many articles define it as having a competitive advantage through high customer retention. Having this advantage is the key to retaining your customers over time, preferably long term. But this mindset, which defines customer retention, misses the mark on what it truly means to create customer loyalty. This article will take…

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  2. Customer Retention During the Pandemic and Beyond: The 3 Things Your Brand Needs to Focus On

    COVID-19 has certainly changed consumer behavior. Online credit-card transactions have soared, according to The Wall Street Journal. Also, e-commerce sales in the second quarter increased 44.5% compared with the same period in 2019 and now comprise 16% of all U.S. retail sales. It’s clear that the pandemic has driven an increase in consumer online spending…

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  3. 4 Ways to Keep Camaraderie Alive at Work During a Pandemic

    I hope this email finds you well. When you’re living in a time when you feel obligated to start every email that way, it’s safe to say things could be better. How do we keep employees engaged during these challenging times? How can we ensure employees feel appreciated and feel like we’re keeping their health…

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