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  1. New Data: How Much Does Community Matter When Building Brand Loyalty?

    A sense of community is a powerful feeling for people sharing any common bond. And the same is true for brand communities.   If your brand instills a sense of community and exclusivity for your customers, chances are they will wind up being your best customers and strongest advocates.    According to our recently released 2022 Customer…

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  2. The Most Important Customer Loyalty Stats of 2022 – What Actually Motivates Shoppers to Engage More?

    Consumer engagement is highly valued for any brand, but how do you know what your most loyal customers are thinking? Why are they fiercely devoted to your brand?  To better understand the psychology behind specific shopping behavior, we asked 2,500 consumers to tell us how they feel about the brands they’re most loyal to year…

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  3. Loyalty Recap Q4 2021: Kroger, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Nike, and McDonald’s

    Since the pandemic started in the U.S. two years ago, earning and retaining customer loyalty has been crucial for brands to be successful and differentiate themselves from their competition.  Now it’s even more important.  According to our recently released 2022 Customer Loyalty Data Study: What Are the True Drivers of Loyalty in the Minds of…

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