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Clarus Commerce Acquires Incentivized Engagement Leader PrizeLogic

We’re excited to welcome PrizeLogic to the Clarus family.

With this acquisition, we’ll bring together significant core competencies and proprietary technology around comprehensive loyalty, rebate, and promotion solutions to better engage and influence behavior across the customer journey for brands in all categories.

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Positive ROI From Day One

Loyalty Programs don’t need to be a massive investment. Unfortunately, most traditional loyalty programs can take up to 2 years before they show an ROI. Premium loyalty is different. Since members pay a fee to join and there is no upfront investment to launch your program, your premium loyalty program will generate revenue on the day you launch.

Reward Yourself and Your Customers

With premium loyalty, your customers get the best version of your brand. In return, your best customers buy more often, spend more when they do, and evangelize for your brand. On top of the increased CLTV, you also get additional revenue from membership fees.

Launch Your Premium Loyalty Program in Time for the Holidays

Your loyalty program won’t help you until it launches. Our typical retail partners launch their programs in as little as 90 days. This will create a positive impact on your most important time of year.

Your Program Is a Part of Your Brand

Your brand is everything. Your loyalty program needs to look and feel like it’s part of your brand. Every loyalty program we launch is fully customized to match the feel of your brand. This goes far beyond just the design of the programs.

What is Premium Loyalty?

What We Do For Retailers

(You Get More Than Just a Platform)

Product & Marketing

In the Age of the Customer, when brand differentiation is more important than ever, most traditional loyalty programs are the same. But what works for one brand won’t work for another. That’s why from a product perspective, we build each program to make sense for each retailer and its best customers. You won’t get an off-the-shelf solution. And from a marketing perspective, we continue to analyze and optimize each program so that it continues to stay on-brand and resonate with its members for the long run.


Customizable Member Benefits

Consumers want to use benefits that are important to them. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work. That’s why our flexible, scalable benefits infrastructure lets you offer the rewards your customers will value most. From discounts and rebates to exclusive content and experiences, we can deliver exactly what your program members want. It’s all about balancing transactional and experiential benefits to build a true emotional connection.


Technical Integrations

Our Momentum Platform™ works with any IT infrastructure. Handle billing yourself or pass it to us. Host program web pages on your servers or ours. Integrate with any third-party services and platforms you’re already using. Upload content through our CMS or your own. Our platform is built to work how you want it to work.


Support & Analytics

We have your back well beyond your program’s launch. From day 1 to infinity, our team is available 24/7/365 for technical issues, and we provide unparalleled analytics data, reporting, and regular strategic reviews. We don’t set it and forget it. We’re working on behalf of our retailer partners every day to ensure the continued success of their programs.


Over a Decade
of Premium Loyalty Experience

It's safe to say we've been doing this a while.

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