Your customers chooseif they engage with you.

We give them a reason to.

2022 Premium Loyalty Data Study

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We surveyed 2,500 consumers about their feelings on premium loyalty programs and paying for enhanced benefits, as well as their shopping habits and interactions with brands.


Engage & influence customer behavior with incentives

Consumers today are bombarded with marketing messages.

You can’t just hope to have them engage with you — you need to give them a reason to. That’s where we can help.

Incentive-based engagements can cut through the noise and influence consumer behavior more effectively to help brands acquire new customers, cultivate brand loyalty and better understand consumers.

Create meaningful engagement in every moment

Loyalty is created with every interaction a customer has with you. Chance-to-win promotions, rebates & offers and more can turn these moments into meaningful and unique engagements that increase brand value and motivate repeat purchases.

Take the customer relationship to the next level

Loyalty programs are one of the best ways to foster on-going engagement with your customers. Increase sales by driving brand loyalty across a variety of channels and rewarding your customers through membership-specific services, points-based earnings and more!

Turn anonymous customers into identified relationships

No matter what type of engagement you undertake with us, every program you launch is designed to drive customer insights as participants trade value for value – they provide accurate zero party data because they want to receive the incentive.



Hershey Gold Rush: Hershey’s partnered with multiple retailers on an exclusive in-pack promotion where shoppers could instantly win a HERSHEY’S GOLD candy bar’s weight in 24K Gold.


19 Crimes

Infamous Insider Rewards: Points-based loyalty program to increase purchase frequency and sales volume while driving downloads of the Living Wine Labels app.


Oriental Trading Company

Fun Rewards+: Premium loyalty to motivate repeat purchases, increase AOV & encourage customer loyalty by offering valuable member savings.



Rebate Center: A holistic solution for digital and mail-in rebate processing and validation across tens of thousands of products annually.


Decades of Loyalty &
Engagement Experience

It's safe to say we've been doing this a while.

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