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The Human Side to Retail Customer Loyalty

For most major retail businesses, the relationship between the customer and the brand is largely transactional in nature, but that mentality needs to change. In order to win over today's modern consumer, retailers need to build their interactions with customers around a human-to-human relationship mentality. (read article now)

How GNC’s Loyalty Program is Helping to Turn Around the Business

With the success of myGNC Pro Access, GNC's premium loyalty program, things are starting to turn around for the business as more people join. In this article, Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso dives into some of the success metrics that point to increased GNC customer loyalty. (read article now)

Kohl’s to Accept Amazon Returns

While many retailers are dealing with the "Amazon Effect" by fighting back, Kohl's decided to buck the trends and embrace Amazon. But will the returns partnership be successful? Only if Kohl's properly leverages it, Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso told Total Retail. (read article now)

By Focusing on Customer Loyalty, GNC Has Set Themselves Up For Success

GNC, seeing major pressure from its competitors, turned towards loyalty as a way to revamp its business model to be more customer-centric. Clarus CEO Tom Caporaso discusses why this will set them up for major success down the line. (read article now)

Amazon rolls out Instant Pickup, allowing college students to pick up online orders in as little as 2 minutes

Think 2-day shipping is slow? How about 2 minute delivery? In this article for Internet Retailer, Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso discusses why testing "Instant Pickup" on college campuses could be a major win for Amazon and its Prime loyalty program. (read article now)

The slow death march of a great corporation starts when the culture is allowed to die

In an article for CIO, author Andrew Stanten writes about the effects of good and bad culture in a business environment. In a section talking about creating a good corporate culture, Clarus Commerce is cited as a leader in the way it does business and hires and retains employees. (read article now)

Loyalty provider takes aim at Amazon Prime

In a featured article for PaymentsSource, Editor John Adams singles out Clarus Commerce as a "loyalty provider ready to swallow the rest of the industry." (read article now)

With Echo Dot at Bat, Amazon Scores Prime Day Home Run

In a recap for Amazon's Prime Day, E-Commerce Times reporter David Jones asked Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso about the true meaning behind the day. Caporaso commented that while Amazon puts on the day for sales revenue, the most important part of the day revolves around the acquisition and retention of valuable Prime members. (read article now)

Prime Day knocks it out of the park — and not just with record sales

One of the biggest stories from Prime Day was the record amount of Alexa-based speakers sold that day. But, that was no accident. According to Tom Caporaso, CEO of Clarus Commerce, Amazon purposely cut the price of the speakers in order to entice Prime members and increase the number of Echo users, who purchased 10% more with the speaker than they did before owning the item. (read article now)

Amazon Prime Day: The evolution of a manufactured holiday

In an article in The Oregonian, reporter Anna Marum outlines the evolution of Prime Day and why Prime Day has never been about sales, but about loyalty. Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso agrees, noting that "Prime Day serves as a retention and acquisition event for Amazon, and reinvesting in their customer base reinforces and increases that loyalty." (read article now)
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