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Why Amazon is putting pick-up and drop-off lockers in Philly-area malls

As shopping malls continue to see dropping foot traffic, retail operators are starting to work hand-in-hand with online retailers to stop the changing tide. With Amazon installing pick-up and drop-off lockers in malls, experts are seeing this presence as a win-win for shoppers and businesses alike. But, for all the malls who don't join in on this collaboration, Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso sees the situation as "adapt or die." (read article now)

3 Lessons Retailers Can Take from Starbucks’ Embrace of Mobile Payments

In a bylined article for Nasdaq, Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso dives into the three factors that guide the success of Starbucks' mobile payments program. Following these lessons, he said,  can lead to greater adoption and success for retailers in the mobile payment arena. (read article now)

Amazon Payments transactions double in 2016

After the announcement that Amazon Pay almost doubled its user base in 2016, Internet Retailer reporter Jessica Young looked in-depth at the mobile payment market space. Even though Amazon represents a small part of the market at the moment, Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso commented that Amazon is set up to nicely to gain a bigger slice of the pie in the future. (read article now)

Saving the sale: New ideas for averting cart abandonment

With about $4.6 trillion in merchandise left in abandoned carts, retailers have see cart abandonment as a major revenue drain. In an article for Retail Dive, Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso comments that retailers should be proactive by solving major customer pain points before they become a problem, like offering free shipping and streamlining checkout flows. (read article now)

Bullish: The Greenwich firm behind GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercial

With companies paying millions of dollars to secure a spot during the Super Bowl, many experts have debated the risk/reward in such a heavy investment. While some businesses refrained from using their budget towards ads this year, Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso still believes that these ads are the best medium to capture a massive and engaged audience. (read article now)

How Technology Is Changing The Future Of Our Grocery Stores

According to recent reports, experts are expecting the online grocery segment to grow from around 4% of total grocery sales to 20% by 2025, which to some could spell doom for large brick-and-mortar chains. But, according to Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso, in this The Next Web article, brick-and-mortar grocery stores will most likely survive, as long as they adjust their digital and loyalty strategies to cater to the shopper of the future. (read article now)

Tips for Monetizing Readerships in the Digital Age

In a co-authored byline for Nasdaq, Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso and Senior VP of Business Development and Client Services Michael Iannucci dive into the changing publishing landscape. As revenues fall, Tom and Micheal opine that there are several different ways that publishers can create new, ancillary revenue streams, while retaining quality subscribers. (read article now)

Will Brands Flee Amazon as It Ramps Up Private Labeling?

In a Q+A with eCommerce Bytes editor Ina Steiner, Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso talks about Amazon's rumored interest in American Apparel, before its acquisition by Gildan. With Amazon's investment into private labeled merchandise, Caporaso said that Amazon could be in play for future clothing company buy-outs, which won't have much of an effect on the number of third-party merchants on its website. (read article now) acquires footwear e-retailer

With Walmart aiming to expand the inventory of and, the large retailer announced a deal to buy footwear company ShoeBuy from IAC. In this Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article, Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso opines that this was a smart move for the large retailer, and will allow them to expand their portfolio of merchandise to rival Amazon. (read article now)

Arkansas Sears location among 150 to close

As Sears and Macy's announce hundreds of store closings between them, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporter Robbie Neiswanger discusses the difficulties that brick and mortar stores have been experiencing the past few years. With behemoths like Amazon lapping the field, Clarus Commerce CEO Tom Caporaso said that the rise in popularity for e-commerce has brought less foot traffic to physical stores. (read article now)
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