MagSwap Offers Readers Incredible Flexibility on Magazine Subscriptions

Apr 23 2013


Magazine readers have a great reason to rejoice:  Clarus Marketing has just launched an exciting new program called MagSwap, which offers consumers unprecedented flexibility in their magazine subscriptions.  MagSwap members can now customize their reading interests quickly and effortlessly throughout the year for one low monthly fee.

MagSwap makes it unbelievably easy for members to tailor their magazine subscriptions to their changing needs and interests:

  • Upon enrollment, members choose three print-magazine subscriptions from MagSwap’s growing list of over 80 diverse titles.  Those magazines will then display on the member’s virtual coffee table on the MagSwap website, and MagSwap will set up the member’s subscriptions with the individual publishers.
  •  Members can log in to or call our toll-free customer service department at any time, for any reason — and as often as they want — to replace any or all of their subscriptions with new titles.  Swapping subscriptions online couldn’t be easier; members just click and drag each new choice to their virtual coffee table and place it on the magazine they want to replace.  Once they confirm their new choice, MagSwap automatically contacts the publishers to update the member’s subscription information.

All this ease and convenience is available for a single, low monthly membership fee that offers members savings of up to 45% off newsstand prices and eliminates subscription commitments that can lock them into specific magazines for a year or longer.  Better yet, the list of magazines offered through MagSwap is robust and expanding, including such diverse titles as Rolling Stone, ESPN The Magazine, Elle, Travel & Leisure, Bloomberg Businessweek, JET, and dozens of others in the fields of entertainment, sports, health, fitness, fashion, style, home, lifestyle, business, and news.

As attractive as the program benefits are, we’re equally excited about the look, feel, and functionality of the MagSwap website.  Our Creative and IT Departments worked hand-in-hand to ensure that MagSwap members would enjoy their time on the website.

As Steve Rovetti, our Creative Director, explained, “We needed to create an environment that members would want to visit again and again; we designed a clean, comfortable, virtual living room — the sort of place you’d choose to settle into for some casual reading.”

Nate Dudek, our VP of Software Services, made sure the IT Department prioritized our members’ needs.  “We’re all about making things as easy as possible for our customers,” he said, “so we focused on finding the simplest ways to deliver the program’s benefits.  What’s easier than being able to click and drag your chosen magazines to a virtual coffee table?  And with The Zine Machine we built into the site, members can automatically find the magazines that interest them just by answering a few simple questions.”


As a result of their efforts, the MagSwap website works smoothly and displays clearly on any device imaginable, from a high-definition projector all the way down to a smartphone by using a technique called responsive design.  Perhaps even more impressively, thanks to the dedication of the entire Clarus workforce, we were able to build MagSwap, from concept to launch, in around 60 days.

At Clarus, we’re always proud of the products and programs we offer, but we’re especially pleased with our new MagSwap program.  We invite you to visit now to see what the next generation of magazine subscriptions offers.