Offering substantial savings on 2-day shipping charges can attract a large, diverse audience of customers.

2-Day Shipping by MasterCard applies the power of customized savings on
2-day shipping fees to a global payments leader.

When MasterCard Worldwide® wanted to enhance the value of its brand in the eyes of its audience, Clarus Commerce provided the necessary ingredients. In partnership with MasterCard, we were able to leverage our expertise in subscription commerce marketing and product development, and our flexible technology platform, to create a program that applies statement credits to subscribing MasterCard cardholders’ accounts, providing them with access to savings on 2-day shipping fees at top e-commerce sites.

2-Day Shipping by MasterCard is a program that provides subscribing MasterCard cardholders with access to savings on 2-day shipping. For an annual fee of $69, these subscribers will receive statement credits of up to $20 per 2-day shipping fee when they make online purchases with their MasterCard at over two dozen brand-name retailers, including QVC, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Walmart, and over two dozen others, with a total annual cap of $1,500. These MasterCard cardholders will receive a statement credit in as little as 24 hours after sending the eligible receipt to Clarus Commerce (please see Step 4 below for additional information).

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