Travel Plus rewards consumers for making reservations and enjoying travel extras — the kinds of rewards that appeal to millions and reflect well on your brand.

The desire to travel is universal —
and so is the desire to save money.

These days, the urge to get away — to leave everyday concerns behind, even if just for a little while — is more compelling than ever.  Wanderlust knows no demographic boundaries, but the ability to act on travel impulses is often limited by financial concerns.

With Travel Plus, you can offer your target audience a branded program that makes it easier for them to reach their chosen destinations — and helps you build a strong and growing foundation of customers who turn to you when they want to save on travel.

Through Travel Plus, your customers can:

  • Earn 5% cash back — up to $1,000 in savings every membership year — when they make travel reservations through the program;
  • Get up to $500 every membership year in travel service rebates for airline, hotel, car-rental, and Wi-Fi charges, including in-flight entertainment, early room check-in, late car drop-offs, and many more;
  • Save 10% on $25 gift cards to popular restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and other travel vendors; and
  • Find local parking garages and lots — and compare rates, services, and availability — in practically any location in the country, quickly and easily, with our Parking Finder benefit.

The benefits of a Travel Plus membership appeal to a wide swath of consumers, and the benefits to your company are just as attractive:  You’ll offer customers travel savings under your own brand, earn a commission for every member you sign, generate repeat business, and start enjoying incremental revenue in under two weeks — all done with minimal involvement from your IT and customer service departments.  Find out how today!