Boost your bottom line — and build customer loyalty — by offering your audience unlimited access to the savings they want.

ShopSmarter gives online shoppers consistent 10% cash back, instant
price comparisons, and exclusive coupons at over 1,000 retailers.

ShopSmarter, the newest owned-and-operated program from Clarus Commerce, offers consumers year-round savings at dozens of popular, big-box retailers as well as at hundreds of specialty and niche stores. Just by shopping through the program links, ShopSmarter members can earn consistent 10% cash back — automatically — on their purchases at over 1,000 retail sites. They also enjoy unlimited access to a continuously updated array of coupon promotions by participating retailers, including free shipping, percentage-off, and dollar-off deals and discounts.

Members can also take advantage of ShopSmarter’s cutting-edge search tool to compare prices instantly on over 100 million items. Within seconds of entering a product description into our search bar, a member will see the current prices of every item sold by any store in the ShopSmarter network that matches the description — as well as any available coupons that could further lower the member’s final cost.

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Within two weeks, we can create a branded ShopSmarter site that will drive customers to your website virtually any time they might want to shop online — and earn incremental revenue for each member you enroll.  Contact us today to find out how to put the power of a cash-back offer to work for you!