The best way to build a loyal audience is to offer top-notch products, superior services — and ongoing savings.

FreeShipping.com helps consumers save again and again —
from checkout to delivery and beyond.

FreeShipping.com, our flagship program, provides the kinds of financial benefits that reward retailers and their customers alike. With FreeShipping.com, you can offer your audience a steady stream of money-saving opportunities, building greater loyalty to your brand while also earning you a commission for every member you enroll. You and your customers will enjoy world-class service and support every step of the way, and you can track your program’s performance in real time through the dashboard metrics of your choice.

We continually refresh our website look and feel, and last year, we significantly enhanced our cash-back benefit to ensure that FreeShipping.com remains a destination shopping portal that will appeal to the widest possible audience of online consumers. In 2013, we introduced a 5% cash-back benefit that applied to members’ purchases at approximately 400 top online retailers. To further capitalize on the success of that initiative, we doubled the cash-back payout and more than doubled the size of our network in 2014. When your customers join FreeShipping.com, they’ll now earn 10% cash back on their purchases — up to $1,000 every membership year — at over 1,000 popular online retailers.

The revamped FreeShipping.com website design also makes it easier for your customers to shop and save at their favorite retailers — and to find the best deals on specific products of interest to them. With our advanced search functionality, your customers can quickly compare prices and offers across a wide range of participating online retailers and take immediate advantage of limited-time coupons and other instant savings opportunities.

We recently enhanced our return shipping benefit to offer your customers greater peace of mind when they shop.  If they ever decide — for any reason — that they want to return any purchase they made through FreeShipping.com, they’ll now enjoy quick, easy, unlimited access to free return shipping via FedEx Ground®.  They can just log into the website, print a shipping label, attach it to their shipment, and drop the shipment off at any of over 1,800 FedEx Office® locations and 5,800 FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® locations across the country.  Neither retailers nor consumers want to pay the return shipping costs that are often associated with online purchases.  Our expanded return shipping benefit solves that pain point for both parties and gives FreeShipping.com subscribers the confidence to place more — and larger — orders when they shop through the program.

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Of course, your customers will also enjoy the additional savings provided by FreeShipping.com’s already-robust suite of benefits, including:

  • Unlimited deals and discounts, including free shipping codes and links as well as other savings opportunities, on purchases at over 1,000 online retailers
  • Up to $500 in rebates every membership year if they do pay shipping charges at any of our participating online retailers
  • Up to $500 every membership year in return shipping rebates if they can’t or don’t use FedEx Ground and therefore need to pay to return an item — for any reason
  • Up to $1,000 every membership year via our price protection benefit, which pays members the difference in price if they purchase an item online and find it advertised for less — online or offline — within 90 days of their purchase

Within two weeks, we can create a branded FreeShipping.com program for you that will generate new revenue for your bottom line while providing your customers with meaningful savings — no matter where they like to shop. Contact us today to learn more!