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big-directClarus Direct offers a variety of online subscription products designed to provide your customers with valuable benefits and generate a brand new revenue stream for your business.

Our turn-key solutions can be quickly, easily, and seamlessly incorporated into your current post-transaction communications.

Why Work With Clarus? Clarus Commerce has been a pioneer in loyalty program development and subscription commerce for over a dozen years. Our turn-key programs are designed and built to serve as the standard for “customer-friendly.” Always easy to access and even easier to use, our program benefits offer consumers significant savings whenever they shop or book travel online., our turnkey ecommerce shopping solution offers members instant free shipping at many of the country’s leading online retailers, plus cash-back deals at hundreds of top retail sites, price protection, and rebates on return shipping costs. offers its retail clients proven ways to attract more customers and boost their own bottom lines.
Travel Plus, our turn-key travel solution, pays cash back on every travel booking as well as rebates on all those fees that travelers are forced to swallow these days — from baggage and Wi-Fi services to resort fees and more.  With access to major booking engines, Travel Plus appeals to a wide consumer audience while optimizing our travel-related clients’ revenue streams.

As Clarus Commerce has grown, we’ve constructed a knowledgeable, highly experienced team of experts in IT, product development, data-driven marketing and optimization, and operations, to ensure that every program we develop delivers tangible results, including increased revenue and repeat purchases that our clients can measure.

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Why work with Clarus Commerce?

We've been creating online savings products for over a business is backed by Norwest Business Partners24/7 US-Based Call CenterWe never use retention devices.We have a no pressure member-cancellation policy