Clarus Cares Helps Feed Hungry Families in Connecticut This Spring

May 20 2013

helping-end-hungerIt should come as little surprise that charitable giving peaks every December, when the holiday season tends to bring out the goodwill in all of us.  Unfortunately, the need for donations never takes a holiday, which is why Clarus Cares arranged a food drive in April to benefit local families in Clarus’s hometown of Middletown, CT.

amazing-grace-food-pantryOur latest charitable effort, arranged by Clarus Account Coordinator Jessica Jefferson, focused on the Families Feeding Families food donation program at Amazing Grace Food Pantry.  Jessica knew that the supplies at food banks often dwindle during the spring and summer, and she knew that Clarus Cares was ideally suited to help combat that problem.

She chose the Families Feeding Families program “specifically because of the way they go about distributing the food to needy families.  They’ve created a food pantry store, where individuals or families walk through aisles of food shelves and pick out what their family needs or likes.  For instance, there’s an entire rack dedicated to housing a variety of baby food.  I love that Amazing Grace can offer something that’s close to a normal shopping experience for these families.”

Once she proposed the food drive, the Clarus workforce sprang into action.  CEO Tom Caporaso readily approved the initiative, and Product Manager Jennifer Fish, a veteran of quite a few Clarus Cares events, lent her expertise to help Jessica organize the effort.  To promote the event, Creative Director Steve Rovetti designed compelling fliers that Jessica posted in the Clarus offices and throughout the entire building.

Amazing Grace Food Pantry Interior

Amazing Grace Food Pantry Interior

The two-week food drive motivated the Clarus workforce and other employees in the building to dig deep into their collective kitchen cabinets and donate over 180 pounds of food — cans of soup, fruits, tuna, and vegetables; cartons of cereal, rice, and potatoes; containers of peanut butter and pasta sauce; and more.  On April 30, Jessica, with much-needed help from Deirdre Malo, Ian Daley, and Jenna Allison, delivered the donated bounty to Amazing Grace.

Mimi Rich, coordinator of the Families Feeding Families program, was thrilled to receive the donation from Clarus Cares.  Of course, she’s thrilled to receive every donation:  The Families Feeding Families program is currently helping to feed over 950 local families every month; sadly, the number of families needing help has only grown in recent years.

Jessica hopes to ensure that Clarus Cares keeps up the charitable work with the foundation.  As she points out, “Hunger isn’t seasonal and I really wanted Clarus to be involved in being a part of the solution to that problem for Amazing Grace.”

For more information and to make a contribution to the Amazing Grace Families Feeding Families program in Middletown, CT, please click here.  To find a food pantry in your local community, please click here.