Happy Anniversary to Us: Looking Back on Our First Year at Enterprise Drive

CC_blog_YearOffice_ClarusLast year, I had the pleasure of writing a blog post announcing the much-anticipated news of Clarus Commerce’s move to 500 Enterprise Drive in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.  Unbelievably, we’ve just celebrated our first anniversary in the new space (I don’t think I’m allowed to call it that anymore), so I wanted to share a few thoughts on where the company has been and how Enterprise Drive is working out for us so far.

I think it’s important to look back on our earlier offices and remember some of the challenges along the way, which helped establish many of the goals we set for the Enterprise project.  I try to be polite when talking about our humble beginnings, but the reality is that we’ve seen (and worked in) our fair share of undesirable real estate. (more…)

The Importance of Tracking Customer Mindset in the Digital Age


With the explosion of the digital era, social media users are now willing to share almost anything about themselves with the rest of the world. Because of this, marketers have an entirely new edge, making it easier to target by demographic based on the information people publicly provide. However, we as marketers need to make sure the pendulum does not swing too far towards granular data, with excessive focus on the “who” and not enough on the “when” and “where”.


Clarus Commerce Earns a 2017 Stevie Award and a Spot on Entrepreneur’s 2017 Top Company Cultures List

CC_blog_Awards_EntrepreneurLogoBusiness success can arise from almost anywhere and take a variety of forms.  In 1974, when Erno Rubik wanted to help his students understand 3-D geometry, he invented the Rubik’s Cube, which became the best-selling toy of all time, with over 350 million units sold.  The following year, a bar conversation about annoying pets inspired Gary Dahl to create the Pet Rock, which generated 1.5 million sales at $3.95 apiece that holiday season before fading from the market.

While Dahl’s marketing skills were certainly remarkable, Rubik’s approach more closely mirrors the path we’ve taken at Clarus Commerce.  Our success is predicated in good part on the idea of helping people, both internally and externally.  That’s why we were thrilled with the recent news that we earned a Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service and a place on Entrepreneur’s 2017 Top Company Cultures list. (more…)

A Guide to Accomplishing Your 2017 Goals

CC_blog_goalsWe are well into the New Year, and it’s time to take a serious look at the goals we’ve set for the year.  Many of us spent months preparing for the arrival of 2017 by evaluating our business objectives, establishing budgets, and setting goals. Here at Clarus Commerce, we believe that having goals serves to better align our actions as an organization and provide clear focus for every team member.  We each have a set of clear and specific individual goals that support the overall objectives of the company.

I love goals and am excited about the possibility they offer me to have a large impact on the company.  Still, they can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have a big list.  Here are a few tips to keep you on track with your goals.


Supermarkets Need to Enhance their Loyalty Programs

CC_PostImage_Grocery_v1Total U.S. grocery sales have been flat in recent years, and only 1.4% of those sales are currently placed online, well below the worldwide average.  With numerous companies trying to capitalize on the opportunities these figures represent, and grocers’ success almost entirely dependent on repeat business, supermarkets will therefore need to enhance their loyalty efforts.  Before we consider solutions, here’s a quick look at emerging competitors. (more…)

5 Questions Looming Over the Retail Industry in 2017

CC_blog_RetailIndsutryQuestions_laptopWith 2016 now in the books, retailers are already putting their strategies for 2017 in motion. As well-intentioned as these plans are, they’ll also require a lot of flexibility. These days, as legacy retailers file for bankruptcy and close brick-and-mortar stores in growing numbers, no company is immune to the changing retail winds. Here are five issues that retailers will need to keep an eye on as 2017 unfolds.


Announcing the 2016 Clarus Commerce Awards …

tom-circleI joined Clarus Commerce in 2009, and the last seven years seem to have flown by.  The way we’ve grown and the talent of the Clarus Commerce workforce continue to astound me.  It’s been reported in the local news recently that tech companies can’t thrive in this state, that talented IT professionals are moving out west in droves. We’ve proved that generalization false.  Since I started here as employee #10, the Clarus workforce has grown by a factor of seven and continues to expand.  (more…)

Mobile Commerce Continues to Grow This Holiday Season

cc_blog_customerloyalty_iconEven five years ago, it would’ve been hard to imagine using your smartphone for much more than searching for fun facts or finding directions to a friend’s house. Small screens, slow data speeds, and non-optimized mobile websites caused most of us to scoff at the thought of shopping through our phones. With technology vastly improving since then, though, more and more people are comfortable with shopping via their handheld devices. In fact, 2016 is likely to be a turning point of sorts for mobile commerce. While mobile isn’t the dominant platform in e-commerce just yet, holiday shoppers are proving to retailers that it’s becoming increasingly important.


Goldman Sachs Is Right: A Subscription Program Is Just What Apple Needs

cc_blog_apple_logoThe retail industry, like the larger world around it, is undergoing vast, fast changes; traditional ways of doing business are being upended as our country grows younger.  This cultural dynamic is leading many in the music industry to invest heavily in subscription programs, a business model that had once been the exclusive domain of “record of the month” clubs.  However, when Goldman Sachs proposed last month that Apple, after recording its first annual sales decline in 15 years, should consider developing a bundled subscription product, the suggestion sparked another round of interesting debates.


Clarus Commerce’s Field Day Is About Celebrating — and Fostering — Teamwork


September 20, 2016, was a glorious, blue-sky day in Connecticut.  While most corporate employees across the state probably enjoyed the beautiful weather only through their office windows, we took a different tack at Clarus Commerce.  After finishing up any pending work assignments, the entire company headed to the great outdoors, put on game faces, and prepared to do battle.  It was Field Day, after all, an annual tradition at Clarus that pits teams of employees against one another in a competition for perhaps the most noble trophy of them all:  Bragging rights.


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