5 Ways To Cure Loyalty Fatigue

How many loyalty cards do you have?

Go ahead and check your wallet. I’ll wait. (I have 9).

While I like to think I’m special, that’s exactly the number that most U.S. adults have, according to research from Forrester.

Now how many loyalty programs do you think the average household belongs to? Would you have guessed the average U.S. household belongs to 29 loyalty programs? That seems like a lot, right?

You would think that with over 3 billion loyalty program memberships out there in the U.S., things would be looking great for retailers, but that’s not necessarily the case. (more…)

Free Versus Fee: Why Consumers Will Pay For Loyalty Programs

A friend said to me long ago, “If it’s free, it’s for me!”

That stuck with me for many years to the point of scouring the free section of Craigslist regularly. Eventually, I ended up with a nice stockpile of junk.

As time went on, someone asked me if I was ever going to purchase a record player for all the free vinyl that I had amassed. I replied that maybe I would one day, but in the meantime, I couldn’t pass up all those free records.

Eventually, I started to simplify my treasures, but I did keep a sizeable stack of free firewood in my yard.

Just like that firewood and all those records, we often simply take things that are free but we’re willing to pay for things that have immediate value to us, and we have a vested interested in those items. Let’s talk about how that applies to loyalty program membership. (more…)

Clarus Commerce Appoints Former Priceline Executive as CTO

Over the last 15+ years, Clarus has been lucky to have a consistent stream of passionate and talented people work here. We have also worked hard to build up our technology platform into a solid foundation, which we will now use to expand our technological offerings exponentially. To guide us toward that future, we have hired Giri Nathan as our new CTO. (more…)

Clarus Outing: Dodgeball Tournament at Flight Trampoline Park

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”

Even if you haven’t seen the movie DodgeBall, that quote can still have a lot of meaning. The biggest challenges can sometimes be internal ones, and when we learn how to work together to overcome them, then everything else is a piece of cake.

That’s why the Clarus team regularly ventures outside of the office to take part in fun activities that help strengthen our bonds and reinforce our culture. Then when challenges arise in the real world, we can quickly come together to solve them and continue moving forward. (more…)

Clarus Cares: Spring Cleaning 2017 at the Meriden Salvation Army

What do weed whackers and copy machines have in common?

At Clarus, they’re tools that we use to do our jobs. That might sound strange, but not all our work happens in the office. In the case of our most recent Clarus Cares event, we spent most of the day putting down our phones and laptops and picking up our paint brushes and gardening gloves to do a little spring cleaning and repair at the Salvation Army of Meriden, CT.


Mobile Payments Won’t Catch On Until Retailers and Companies Incentivize Their Use

CC_blog_mobilepay_300x142Anyone who has owned a smartphone has at least heard or has been exposed to the world of mobile payments. With one click, tap, or scan of a fingerprint, smartphone owners can pay for something as small as a sandwich or as large as a big screen TV. Taking the friction out of the payments experience, especially for something bought on a mobile phone or online, should be a revelation for the modern customer, yet many are slow to adopt. Even more startling is the fact that 77% of all U.S. consumers are now smartphone owners, which is more than any other time in our history. So where is the mobile payments revolution? (more…)

A Valuable Customer Is Cultivated Through A Premium Loyalty Experience

CC_blog_premiumloyalty_iconCustomer loyalty is one of the most intangible, yet important currencies a customer-facing business can collect. While it’s important to make a sale, it’s even more crucial to create a symbiotic relationship with anyone that interacts with your brand. Unfortunately, though, many businesses are falling short in consumer’s eyes. In fact, a recent study found that 77 percent of all consumers now admitted to retracting their loyalty more quickly than ever before. With such a large amount of shoppers taking a strong stance on loyalty, there is now a clear need for something different. The solution? A premium loyalty program. (more…)

No One is Immune to the Amazon Effect [Infographic]

It’s no secret that Amazon has one of the most impactful loyalty programs of all time. But, what has remained elusive is the data behind it. Everyone is talking about the “Amazon Effect” and how it’s shaping the retail landscape, but does anyone know just how big it is and how valuable Prime customers are to Amazon?

The numbers are shocking.


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